With two literary giants of Odisha

A Raveshawvian Shri Ramakant Rath, Padmabhushan is considered as an era in modern Odia literature. He is a Philosopher-Poet and heavily influenced by Poets like T.S Eliot and Ezra Pound.

His poetry is full of melancholy and laments the inevitability of death and the resultant feeling of futility. The poetic expressions found in his creations carry a distinct sign of symbolic annotations to spiritual and metaphysical contents of life. Often transcending beyond ordinary human capabilities, the poet reaches the higher territories of sharp intellectualism.

He is contemporary to poet Sitakant Mohapatra, Padma Bibhushan. JnanaPeetha Awardee Sitakant famous for his poetry collection aswell as Essays, Travelogues, translations. . His poetry collection has been published in several Indian languages. His notable works are, Sabdar Akash (1971) (The Sky of Words), Samudra (1977) and Anek Sharat (1981)




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