Gourahari is an eminent theatre personality. Besides being the President of the premier Theatre group of Odisha, Shatabdir Kalakar, he has contributed many plays that have been staged by Sangeet Natak Akademi, India, National School of Drama, Shatabdir Kalakar, Natyachetana, Uttarpurush and AJIT. He acted as a member of The Film Censor Board of Regional Office, Cuttack during 2012 to 2016.

His achievements can be categorized under two heads namely, as a journalist and social activist, and a littérateur. As a journalist and Media-academician Gourahari Das has witnessed the interesting trajectory of four decades’ Odia journalism. He has been a party to the process of its development by virtue of his profession and passion. Rajadhani Rajaniti (power  politics of the Capital),the regular weekly column in Sambad, a political satire serving as a watchdog and Jibanar Jalchhabi (Vignettes of life) a creative commentary on human life continuing for the last twenty-five years  bear testimony to the abilities of Dr. Das as a successful and popular columnist. Through his articles and features Das has contributed immensely to the eradication of superstitious practices in different temples of Odisha. His voice against witchcraft and sorcery has created wide awareness. The provision for monthly pension to the Padmashree awardees by the Government of Odisha is an outcome of Das’s article on the miserable living condition of the old awardees.

As the Editor of Katha, the largest circulated fiction monthly of Odisha continuing successfully for the last 34 years, has brought about a revolution by creating new readers and story-tellers. The Annual Short story competition among young writers under 30 has played a significant role in encouraging new talents.