Collected works: Novel: Vol.1 ISBN: 81-7401-918-9 Year of Publication: 2019, Price: Rs.450/- Published by: Friends Publishers, Cuttack 753 002 More about the Book Panchaparba is the first volume of collected works of Gourahari Das which contains 5 novels They are...

Kete Rangara Jibana

ISBN: 978-81-920841-5-2 Publication year: 2013, Price: Rs125/- Publisher: Pakshighara, Bhubaneswar 751014

Apananka Ajnadhina

ISBN: NILL Publication: 2010, Price: Rs70/- Publisher: Jagannatha Rath, Cuttack 753002   READ HERE THE E_BOOK

Eithu Arambha

ISBN:81-86550-61-5 2005, Rs70/- Bharat Bharati, Cuttack 753001

Nija Sange Nijara Ladhei

ISBN: 81-7401-280-X 1999, Rs40/- Friends Publishers, Cuttack 753 002

Chayasoudhara Abasesha

ISBN: 81-86550-19-4 1996, Rs 50/- Publisher: Bharat Bharati, Cuttack 753001