Dr Gourahari Das Speaks to the little children of SAI International School Bhubaneswar on...


When  legends like Prof Jatindra Nayak asks questions on the legacy of  Sri Fakir Mohan Senapati to laureate Dr Gourahari Das on the dias of Tata Steel sponsored Bhubaneswar Literature festival, the ambiance becomes...

Dr. Gourahari Das speaks on his life to Shri Parambrahma Tripathy on his show...

Shri Parambrahma Tripathy is a Journalist and loves Odia literature and language. In his Show " E Rasta nathila sahaja' he interviewed Dr Das and asked  few questions on his life journey. He re...

Dr. Gourahari Das Explains-How a Column becomes literature

A curious mind always tries to find out the differences between literature and News? If you are a news person or a man who adores literature, you might be facing such a question many...

Do you want to know more about Dr. Gourahari Das? Here you can stop..

Dr Gourahari Das, eminent author and Editor of "Katha" not only has extended the Odia Prose world but his creations has enriched the poetry division of Odia Literature. He speaks some unknown things about...

Interviewing Umesh chandra Swain, Politician

Interviewing  the then Congress Leader and 4 times MLA Umesh Chandra Swain.

Interviewing jual Oram, The then President-Odisha BJP

A formal conversation with the then President of Bharatiya Janata Party, Odisha and Former Union Minister Jual Oram.

Interviewing Manoj Das

Interviewing eminent Indian Litterateure Manoj Das.