As a social activist Gourahari Das has acted as a catalyst in different fields instead of becoming a silent onlooker. As the General Secretary of Baramunda Surakshya Samiti, he played an important role in raising a strong mass-voice against the evacuation of Baramunda village for the expansion of the International Airport in the 90’s. The then Chief Minister of Odisha, the legendary Biju Patnaik put a hold on the Evacuation Programme. He is not only an advocate of women-folk in his stories and novels, he is one in real life also. Gourahari has played a very vital role in organizing the poor women of Baramunda area and extending his help in the formation of Trishakti MahilaSamiti which has grown up to a leading SHG in the state.

Gourahari Das’ s  role and efforts are significant in getting the life-size bronze statue of the eminent freedom fighter of Kanika, Chakradhar Behera popularly known as Kanika Gandhi installed at the Raj Bhawan Square,Bhubaneswar and getting Chakradhar Behera Birth anniversary included in the Government calendar.

Jeebanara Jalachhabi, A regular Column being published on the Sambad and penned by Dr Das is known for its widely accepted readability and very credible content. Digging of deep bore well at Ayodhya, a tribal dominated backward village in Nilgiri Sub-division of Balasore District, can be mentioned here as a true impact of his Journalism. With the financial help of Dr Rajendra Das, a NRO Engineer from Germany, the water scarcity problem of the village is solved.