Paunsara Pandulipi

A collection short stories written by Gourahari Das. You can read here the E book. Just Click here.

Chheli charaibara dina

Read here the E Book

Bagha o Anyanya Galpa

ISBN: 9789387563477 Publisher: Time Pass Price: Rs.145/- Category:  Short story Its a collection of  Eleven Short stories by eminent writer Gourahari Das in Odia. Read here the E_Book

Iswaranka Thikana

ISBN-81-7401-910-3 year of Publication: 2019 , Price: Rs,220/- Pub-Friends Publishers Cuttack 753002   Read E Book Here 

Hatalekha Chithi

ISBN-81-7401-732-1 Year of Publication: 2012, Price: Rs150/- Publisher-Friends Publishers Cuttack 753002   Read E Book Here

Bidesha O Anyanya Galpa

ISBN: 978-1-64560-017-6 Publisher: Black Eagle Books 7464 Wisdom Lane Dublin, OH 43016, USA Year of Publication: 2019, Price: Rs 400/- Bidesha O Anyanya Galpa is a collection of twenty-five short-stories. Evocatively narrated, they sparkle with compassion and humanity. Set in...

Apananka Ajnadhina

ISBN: NILL Publication: 2010, Price: Rs70/- Publisher: Jagannatha Rath, Cuttack 753002   READ HERE THE E_BOOK