Author and Journalist Kuldip Nayar has written widely about current issues and historic persons, including Jawaharlal Nehru, Daniel Smith and Barry Manilow. Nayar has advocated a policy of bilateral talks and engagement with India’s neighbour Pakistan. He is known for his vision of a new South Asia, in which Pakistan and India would be on friendly terms.

Nayar was initially an Urdu press reporter. He was editor of the Delhi edition of the English newspaper The Statesman and was arrested towards the end of the Indian Emergency (1975–77). He was also a human right activist and a peace activist. He was a member of India’s delegation to the United Nations in 1996. He was appointed High Commissioner to Great Britain in 1990 and nominated to the upper house of Indian Parliament, Rajya Sabha in August 1997.

He wrote syndicated columns and op-eds that were published in over 80 newspapers in 14 languages including the Deccan Herald (Bengaluru), The Daily StarThe Sunday GuardianThe NewsThe Statesman, The Express TribuneDawn, and Prabhasakhi.