ISBN: 81-7401-016-5

Year of Publication: 1993,

Price: Rs 35/-

Published by: Friends Publishers Cuttack 753002

More about the Book 

Jibanara Jalachhabi (Reflections of Life) as the title suggests, encompasses varied characters apparently drawn from real life situation. They arouse angst. They portray the vivacity of life, they involve delicate human feelings. The reader can easily identify himself with the characters of these vignettes. Simultaneously, the meticulous delineation of rural poverty and suffering contrasted with the apathy of a political system in India go to testify Das’ ingenuity as an anchor. Often the natural rustic has been juxtaposed with that of artificial, boastful urbanite in given situations. The whole narration process is so engaging that a reader cannot put it down. Lucid readability is a hallmark of Gourahari Das. His style proves his mettle as a creative genius.