Koraput and Other stories’


Tr: Saroj Mishra and Gopa Nayak

ISBN: 978-93-5207-491-4

Publisher: Authorspress

Q-2A Hauz Khas Enclave,

New Delhi 110 016

Year of Publication: 2017,

Price: Rs 295/-

More about the book

Literature interprets life, so do Gourahari Das’s stories in ‘Koraput and Other stories’ that give expression to the diverse strangeness of man’s life vacillating perpetually like a pendulum between fear and greed. The emotions of common labourer sacrificed at the excruciating altar of bedazzled open economy, the tribal dreams suppressed under government’s red-tape, the simple faith tangled in the narrow lane of fatalism and futurism and the light of patriotism lost in the fog of artificial love-show have been so graphically delineated. It’s true that the stories of ‘Koraput and Other Stories’ narrate the stories of the long, narrow murky tunnels but none the less, they indicate the possibility of some light at the journey’s end. This hard-to-put down collection par excellence has that magnitude capable of expanding the readers’ point of view with respect to human behaviour.