Young Gourahari started his career as a trainee sub-editor in The Sambad and by dint of his sheer perseverance he rose to the height of an editor of this media house that provided him with the scope of giving vent to his multifaceted talent. He became a prolific published writer of novels, short stories, vignettes, travelogues, plays, poems, criticisms and regular columns where he makes the readers feel changed for having read him; he adjusts the readers’ angle of view on life, living, and on the world. He gives each of his stories the density of a compacted novel enriched with qualities of drama. The distinctive vitality of his stories comes from their imaginative limberness which triumphantly displays impressive feats of flexibility. It is always adapted to the twists and turns of life. A number of his works have been translated into English and Hindi. Some of them are The Little Monk and other Stories, The Nail and other Stories, Koraput and other Stories,The Shades of Life , Kanta aur Anya Kahaniyan and  Jhut ka ped.


A Traveller


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